Welcome to Rakowo

We would like to invite you to a few quiet moments, in the charming and secluded place of Rakowo village.

You are in the middle of a triangle delineated by Poznań, Gniezno and Września, almost in the middle of over 13'000 hectares of forests in the Czerniejewo Forest District.

Our didactic-sports path is a 500 meters for body and mind. From the information boards you will learn the history of this place, some interesting things about mennonites and Olędrzy - first settlers from the Netherlands, and about the most Polish of the trees: willows.

We also invite you to the volleyball court: the fenced area where children can safely play (under adult supervision). A little further away, you will find an Internet HotSpot.

Bicyclists arriving from Czerniejewo are advised to continue west, through the forest, to the Babskie lakes: Ósemka, Ula, Gypsy, Baba and Okrąglak. From there you can continue on the trail to Pobiedziska.
Arriving from the lakes, we recommend Czerniejewo: a 16th-century church, an 18th-century palace surrounded by 13 acres of parkland, as well as shops and restaurants.

Have a nice day!

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